Comforting Hands


The dictionary defines trauma as ‘a deeply distressing or disturbing experience’,  and it can take many forms.


For some it shapes our behaviours and the way we respond emotionally to particular situations, perhaps impacting confidence or self-esteem. 


For others it can be debilitating, bringing back painful flashbacks, nightmares and very real physical responses (eg Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD).

What is a 'trauma'?

Our brains perceive an event as ‘traumatic’ when we experience high or overwhelming levels of stress or discomfort. At that point all the senses and emotions associated with the event are captured and stored in the emotional part of our brain, a sort of ‘snapshot’. When we perceive a similar situation our brains recall the memory (pattern match) resulting in an emotional and often physical response. Phobias are ‘captured’ in a similar way. 


How I can help

The Human Givens approach offers an effective, non-intrusive treatment which importantly doesn’t need you to recall the experience to be successful (unless of course you want to talk about it). One of my clients described the treatment as ‘kind’, which I think is a very accurate way to put it.

I’ve worked with a broad spectrum of clients suffering from the impact of a traumatic event or experience. Just a few common issues have included; childhood trauma or negative experiences; workplace bullying; job loss; the negative effects of supporting a family member with an addictive behaviour (see support for carers); assault; serious illness diagnoses/treatment; accidents; traumatic childbirth.


If you would like to discuss something that has caused you emotional distress please get in touch – sometimes a real difference can be made in just a few sessions.