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The Human Givens Approach


What are the ‘Human Givens’?

The Human Givens are the needs and ‘resources’ that we are all born with.  They include our essential physical and emotional needs, for example our need for security, to be part of a community, to have a sense of purpose, and ‘resources’ that we have evolved to help us fulfil these needs, such as our curiosity, the ability to learn, our ability to solve problems etc. 


Using our innate resources properly to get our needs met allows us to thrive and grow, rather than just function. However, we can find ourselves emotionally distressed if our essential needs are not being met in a balanced way or the innate resources we possess have been damaged or are being misused. Emotional distress can manifest itself in many different ways, for example as depression, addictive and compulsive behaviour, anxieties or phobias. All of us have the ability to recover with the right type of help. 


What is different about Human Givens therapy?

Human Givens Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which combines proven therapeutic techniques with the most up-to-date psychological knowledge. The aim of Human Givens therapy is to relieve emotional distress and to help people move on as swiftly as appropriate for that person.


Human Givens therapy is always positive. It aims to help identify any unmet emotional needs and to help people rediscover and develop their own resources in order to get those needs met.  As well as highly effective techniques to swiftly deal with past traumas, the approach teaches people how to relax so that they can think more clearly, find solutions and develop skills and strategies for difficulties which may be recent or may have their roots in the past.