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There are lots of reasons why we might need help from time to time. Making the decision to talk to someone and get much needed support is a step in the right direction.

There are often times when life feels overwhelming and lots of reasons why you might seek help; a problem that you just don’t feel you can discuss with anyone you know but that you want to resolve; a negative behaviour you want to change; a life change you're struggling to adapt to; perhaps you're struggling with depression, stress, a trauma or a phobia and have thoughts constantly spinning around, keeping you awake at night; recovering mentally from a serious illness, or an addictive behaviour you want to change. Sometimes we simply don’t understand why we don’t feel mentally well. That’s when counselling and psychotherapy can really make a difference.

Sessions with a qualified therapist can give you that vital opportunity to share your worries confidentially and find solutions that meet your individual needs, helping you to move on with your life.

Making a brave decision

The decision to see a therapist may feel a little daunting to begin with. Sometimes it’s a big decision, particularly if you’ve suffered a trauma or have a problem you’ve been holding on to for a long time which in turn is holding you back. It takes a great deal of courage – you may well have been thinking about it for some time.

As a therapist my first priority is to put you at ease; sessions are entirely confidential and work at a pace that suits you. We work together to understand your problem or challenge, how you are feeling, what you want to achieve or change and agree how we can do that. Everyone is unique, with different needs and different reactions when those needs are not met, so sessions are tailored to you.


I use an effective approach which combines proven therapeutic treatments with the latest neuroscience. Known as the Human Givens, the therapy centres around our fundamental needs as human beings for example, to feel in control, having a sense of purpose, having privacy or feeling secure. Your problems may relate to issues at work, relationships, past experiences, or they may not seem to be connected to anything.


I provide an empathetic, supportive and non-judgemental environment for adults and teenagers to explore and solve those problems. I can also give you tools and techniques to help you maintain your well-being into the future. During our sessions you only share what you feel comfortable to share. Those who have suffered past traumas for example, such as PTSD, will not want to relive that trauma by discussing it and feeling all the associated emotions. The Human Givens approach offers a proven treatment that is effective even if details are not shared – something which is particularly valued by veterans.

The first step is to have an informal, no obligation chat. If you feel comfortable with me then we can agree a date and time for our first session. If you'd like to get in touch for an initial chat, click on the button below.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

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