About me

My journey to becoming a therapist stemmed from life challenges of my own and the passion to want to help others; from the trauma of a parent leaving in my teens to bereavement, redundancies and undermining bosses, coping with a loved one’s addictive behaviour, through to coping with teenagers at one end and a parent with dementia at the other, working full time whilst managing a family - it was all a bit too much.

After struggling to cope and not being able to find the sort of help that worked for me I was determined to dig myself out of the rabbit hole and make a difference to others so I retrained and qualified as a solution focused psychotherapist. It gave me a renewed sense of purpose and opened a whole new world of understanding human emotions, behaviours and neuroscience! One thing I do know through all my experiences, even at times when I may not have realised it, is that I’m resilient. It took me a long time to recognise and accept that it was actually a positive skill.

I’m constantly learning - new helpful techniques, ethical practices, tools, scientific findings, skills - to build and evolve the ‘tool-box’ I have at my disposal in order to help others bring about positive change. I bring all my experience, knowledge, positivity and continuous learning to every session so I can help in the most effective way possible.


I love the effectiveness of the Human Givens approach; based on our needs as human beings, combined with proven therapies, simple language and the latest neuroscience, it is an incredibly powerful form of therapy with brilliant results. Clients really appreciate the ‘psycho-education’ – explanation for what’s physically happening in our brains when we’re stressed or anxious, why addiction can have such a powerful hold over people.


My aim in any session is to

  • Put clients at ease

  • Listen with empathy and without judgement, understanding feelings and emotions

  • Ensure that clients leave sessions feeling better

  • Identify and help to achieve therapeutic goals

  • Help find long-term solutions and strategies to resolve or manage problems effectively, both now and in the future


I am a member of the Human Givens Institute and bound by its code of ethics and practice. I am fully insured and have enhanced DBS checks.