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Welcome to my website. You've more than likely arrived here because you're looking for help, support or information (or all of these). I've tried to make this site as useful as possible, so as well as information about how I might be able to help you, there are links and contact details for a variety of national organisations.


As we come out of lockdown many may be struggling with fear, isolation, anxiety or depression. I'm now offering face to face appointments for those who would like to do so, but can also offer support by phone, Skype or Zoom for those who are still shielding.

Why Consider Therapy?

Life often seems to move so quickly, with what feels like ever increasing pressures, not just from our circumstances or experiences, but from our environment. So it’s easy to understand why so many of us reach points in our lives when we feel overwhelmed and need a little help with our mental well-being. Sometimes it can be the result of a life change, a long-term problem or simply knowing that we just don’t feel quite ‘right’ or feel ‘down’ for no apparent reason. Having someone to talk to, to work with you empathetically to understand your needs and emotions and find a solution that works for you, can be life changing.

Help, just when you need it

The times when we need help can ebb and flow; sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our circumstances and retreat into ourselves, at other times we realise we need help to make changes. Effective therapy should fit in with your needs, when you need it, for however many sessions you need to be able to move forward. That may be just a few sessions, or more for complex or long-term problems.

I tried to cope after my illness but just couldn’t manage – everything just felt overwhelming. You helped me accept the things I can’t change and look at them in a different way. I’m sleeping well, feeling positive and feel ready to go back to work. Thank you!

J, Tonbridge

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