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If you're here you're more than likely looking for help, support or information (or all of these!).


I've tried to make this site as useful as possible, so as well as information about how I might be able to help you, there are links and contact details for a variety of national organisations.


We still have a degree of uncertainty as a result of Covid-19 so many people are struggling with fear, anxiety, depression or addictive behaviours . Perhaps even recovering from a loss, struggling with a traumatic incident or feel anxious about the return to work.

I can offer sessions one-to-one or for groups over a variety of medium; Zoom or Skype, or for those who live locally face to face.

Why Consider Therapy?

We all have our ups and downs, it's what makes us human, but sometimes we can feel that there are more a lot more downs than ups, especially after the past 18 months. That might manifest itself as a feeling of being completely overwhelmed, unable to cope, or just really 'down' for no obvious reason.

You might be struggling to come to terms with something that has fundamentally changed your life - recovering from a loss, a long-term illness, an addiction or an unresolved trauma which has limited the way you live your life.

Or it might just be that you feel life is just a bit, well, 'rubbish' at the moment and you just can't dig yourself out of the dark hole you find yourself in emotionally.

Whatever the problem, having someone independent to talk to, to help you out of the hole and work with you to find a solution that works for you can be life changing. There's always a light in the darkness, sometimes you just need some help to find it.

If you want to have an informal chat about how I could help you, just get in touch.

Help, just when you need it

The times when we feel we need help can come and go. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our problems, or situation and retreat into ourselves; other times we realise we need help and feel determined to get some help.


Effective therapy should fit in with your needs, when you need it, for however many sessions you need to be able to move forward. That may be just a few sessions, or more for complex or long-term problems, but ultimately you have control over how much support you want and when.

White Feather

I tried to cope after my illness but just couldn’t manage – everything just felt overwhelming. You helped me accept the things I can’t change and look at them in a different way. I’m sleeping well, feeling positive and feel ready to go back to work. Thank you!

J, Tonbridge

Get in Touch

If you would like a confidential chat please call me on +44 (0) 7753 750619 or email me at


If I'm unable to take your call, please leave a message with your name and contact number and I'll call you back within 24 hours.